Flex Benefit Card

mbi Flex Convenience® Card 

The mbi Flex Convenience debit card is an attractive benefit for employers because it increases employee participation in Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs). The card drastically reduces the need to file claim forms and virtually eliminates the need to pay cash for eligible expenses, thus increasing the ease of use of the FSA and employee adoption of the program.

Employers love it because:

  • The debit card drives FICA tax savings by increasing Flex account participation and contributions
  • On average, employers realize a 60% increase in overall dollars contributed to their Flex account plans (new contributions plus the increase in existing contributions)
  • Adds value to employee benefits at no additional net cost


Here's how it works:

  • Employee enrolls in the Flex Plan by the enrollment deadline date
  • Employee receives mbi Flex Convenience debit card by the coverage effective date
  • Employee incurs eligible expense
  • Employee pays qualified provider with the Flex Convenience debit card*
  • The automated system:
    Determines if provider is, in fact, "qualified"
    Checks for adequate funds in the plan master account
  • Administrator receives claim transaction electronically
  • Works just like a debit card, only the "bank account" consists of the funds employees have set aside in their health care or childcare FSA accounts


If eligible provider does not accept MasterCard® or Visa® then the employee must file a paper claim.

Check your account balance now at www.TheFlexCard.com.

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