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Are your employees not appreciative of their benefits package? Studies have shown that although the employer's average cost to ensure an employee top $14,040 per year, employees believe the cost to only be $3,500! To even further complicate this issue, healthcare expenses are set to rise 14-16% over the next few years. Plus, many employees are not aware of the mutual benefits of Healthcare (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA). How can employers win?!

At Benefits For America, we've put together an array of services to compliment our products. These services are targeted at improving morale and increasing retention through communication.

Benefit Communication

As a part of our service, Benefits For America will provide an analysis of employee benefit programs, and work with you to develop a new benefit plan. Our staff includes several experts at communicating the benefits and advantages to employees and we will provide every participant with financial road maps. This service is performed at your location during times that you designate.

Hidden Paycheck

As the economy recovers, employers must be savvy in their approach to attracting and retaining employees. Most employees have no idea of the expenses that are paid by their employer. You need a way to communicate the benefits that you're already providing. Using our Hidden Paycheck benefits communication system, employees will receive a regular report outlining all of the benefits: Government Mandated Benefits, Employer provided Benefits, Employee Cost Shared Benefits, Paid time off, & extra benefits - cell phone, car allowance, etc. This allows you to boost morale based on the benefits that you're already providing!

Section 125 Administration

Employees need a plan for their future and the ability to build a nest egg for their retirement years. Benefits For America can provide you and your employees with a comprehensive solution for all of your Section 125 (Cafeteria Plan) benefits.

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