Enrollment Systems


The EPOS SelectBenefits™ system is a complete enrollment and benefits election system for businesses of any size and dimension. SelectBenefits allows employees access to their benefits elections via telephone or through a web browser. The system supports open enrollment as well as on-going qualifying event changes as allowed by your benefits programs. In addition, the SelectBenefits Rules Engine allows the HR administrator to define plans and eligibility that conform with the simplest or the most complex rules.


Below are just a few of the many options of this award-winning system:

  • Open enrollment - Allows existing employees to enroll in the next year's plan
  • New-hire enrollment - Allows new employees to enroll in current year's plan
  • On-going enrollment - Allows employees to change current year benefits following a qualifying life event
  • Investment Plan Review - Allows employees to review percentages of salary being deducted for retirement and investment balances
  • Department Transfer - Allows an employee's call to be transferred to a selected internal department (voice response system only)
  • Insurance Carrier Transfer - Allows an employee's call to be transferred to an insurance carrier by carrier name (voice response system only)


Enrollment Systems

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